She landed in my life in a veiled reverie

with the blood of betrayal etched in her bones.

It was more than she could bare.

A casualty of a failed romance,

she hovered overhead in suspended animation.

She couldn’t say yes, and couldn’t say go.

I absorbed her hurt like a poultice

soaking up an accidental spill.

I stemmed the flow of blood

and nursed a festering wound

with the warm milk of adoration.

I delivered in rain sleet and snow,

with an embrace of infinite kisses

that will last beyond the realm of time.

There was no precipice too high

to climb, no sea too dank and dark

to explore, to show how much I cared.

Hibiscus nectar seeped out of her skin.

Her flame of aliveness will keep dancing

like a Dervish until our galaxy implodes.

Her touch spoke of a love

that eluded the quagmire

of her mind.

I loved her more than she will ever know.

I regret not having been more fun.