He came from a wonderful world up above
where he learned how to sprout rainbows
on ordinary bodies with a touch so delicate,
you never even knew you were being touched.
His face never stops smiling, positivity
is in his bones. No matter how awful
a prognosis, he always finds a glimmer
of light in the blackest of dark forecasts.
He never orders unnecessary tests as most
doctors do, rationalizing the expense
as being “cautious,” as they earn more.
He laughs more than he cries as a witness
to the horror shows the human body
are capable of when confronted with
unrelenting pain. He has the instincts
of a natural-born-healer who doesn’t
even know how he creates miracles
when he does hocus-pocus on bodies
that should have been left for dead.
He’s the doctor you want by your side,
no matter what your ailment.