When the fat lady sings, she unleashes
her corset and can breathe again.
When I ride a Palomino bareback
on the clouds of unknowing
with a blissful smile on my face.
When a magic genie offers me
whatever I want, I’m free
from desire for evermore.
When the well goes dry,
and we do the Osage rain dance
until it’s coming down fast and furiously.
When I sit on the dock at Rudd Pond
inhaling the scent of water lilies—
silvery minnows nibble at my toes.
When I eat and drink and get lost in my mouth
after a 24 hour fast.
When I make love to my wife
after coming home from the war.
When I’m absorbed in the view of the moon and stars
while reclining on sweet grass on a clear summer night.
When I go for a salt water swim
in the Dead Sea and float on top
of the water like an exotic rainbow warrior.