Humankind remains stonato.

Murderous old men in boxer shorts
send young men off to die.

Gold star mothers weep with hearts
wrenched like ripped up rebar.

Ever since My Lai and Babi Yar,
nobody cares what Yahweh said:

Thou shall not kill.

In the last Great War,
hate, madness and cruelty,
left 50 million dead

The young are living in virtual reality;
texting, tweeting, saying more and more
about less and less, unaware:

mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Clones of Mao, Stalin,
Hitler and Pol Pot abound.
and stand ready to ignite
a catastrophe of blood and gore.

The war after the next war
will be fought tooth and claw
with sticks and stones.

Stuck in the sludge
on an evolutionary plateau,
consciousness has failed to grow.