Signs abound:
Leave your crying at the door.
Sing if you can talk, dance if you can walk.
Cosmetic surgery available for free.
Complimentary joints provided
at breakfast lunch and dinner.
Our blue skies sing better than Bing,
A cinquefoil of red roses fills
the empty air with a special scent.
Not a bumble bee allowed in sight.
Green and yellow butterflies
are ordered to never leave the premises.
A facsimile of gold Krugerrands adorn
the dancing floor of the Wine Room.
Photos of sensual porn for women
line the walls with an underlined
reminder to use it or lose it.
Only sheepadoodlepoodles
allowed in the dog wash station.
The key to heave is only available
to those with a smile on their face
who are filled with genuine joy.
Plain old happiness will never do.