I bang on the door, but they won’t let me in.
A guard shouts, “Get out of here!
You look like a member of the bourgeoisie.”
I shout, “I’m a Taoist, and keep a low profile.
I don’t care if I look like a dirty old man”
I support the Shackelton Foundation
Also, I’m a member of “The Order of the Arrow,”
a macrobiotic vegan and a respected Rosicrucian.
I bake Chapati bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I appreciate the sound of good music,
and it’s much better than the sound of music
in “The Sound of Music.”
I know what makes a poem work.
My teacher, Jim Klein, taught—it’s when words
move you like a hit of cocaine. All the rest is dross.
I would like to be a member of your club
simply because you won’t let me in.
I question everything, especially my questions.
I’m a genuine iconoclast like Winnie The Pooh
who taught me every day is my new favorite day.