Winter’s winds rattle windows,

but we huddle, chickadees in a nest.

I swim across a lake of fire

to find you waiting for me.

You have the spark of life

That lights my fuse.

We endure like Bacalao Cod,

packed in salt next to each other.

When you’re hungry, my stomach rumbles;

fast asleep, we dream the same dreams.

I ‘m your mood ring and know

your twitter plan before you tweet.

We’re lyrics in the same song,

fellow seeds in a ripe pomegranate.

We vibrate in a harmony of two strings

on a Stradivarius violin.

We’ll be mummified together

like Otzi, the Stone Age iceman.

We’re a community of two

that keeps loneliness at bay.

Connected as much as members of the Mob.

I no longer know where you begin

and I end.