Skyped to grandparents,
who watch toddler grandsons
convulsed with infectious giggles
in a golden dance of unbridled glee.

They have no idea what bliss is:
They don’t know
they’re in the Garden of Eden
in a moment in time, where they are one.

The two year old leans over the shoulder
of his five year old brother,
urging him to win on a video game
he can’t begin to understand.

When a winning bell sounds,
they embrace in hysterical guffaws,
punching and pinching each other
in celebratory jubilation.

They have yet to learn
such sheer exhilaration
may not be so easily found
on the long road ahead
that may prickle their feet.

The light may never shine as bright
when these grown-up seraphim
face the last of an Indian Summer,
with swarming bees on the run,
and little, or no more crazy fun.