I used to think you were a poem

with no words: Omnipotent,

Genocide after genocide,

while terrified humanity

tries to dodge the violence

like helpless koi swimming

round and round in a pond.

When you invented Jews,

why did you make them

look ridiculous with tzitis

and unfashionable black hats?

Sinning is in: Alter boys, prisoned birds

at the mercy of pedophile Priests.

Are you the new Godfather

of corporate corruption?

Maybe you’re on the payroll

of the Koch brothers,

and that’s why you

have forgotten about the poor

and allow the rich to get richer.

Are you secretly in bed

with the climate deniers?

We are endangered creatures,

lost like mangy, ill-fed dogs.

Maybe you are suffering

from age-related deafness

while you loll about,

pleasuring yourself

in the Palm Springs of heaven.

If so, I will send along the best

new hearing aids with the next

audiologist who heads your way.

Otherwise, I plan to merge

with my loved one, and disappear.

I don’t know whom I can ask to forgive you.