After breakfast, how do you know what to do next?
Read the morning paper—then what?
Listen to expert advice:
Don’t sit still. Socialize and walk, or jog.
Do crosswords puzzles, use your brain—
play scrabble, chess or Go.
Learn Italian, French or Arabic.
Attend book clubs, volunteer for ESL.
Travel or cruise around the world.
Remember to floss, and stare at the clouds passing by.
Read the books you’ve been meaning to read.
Get a job. Crossing guard, or barkeeper will do.
Write a memoir, songs or poems.
Get a dog or cat or breed salt water sea horses.
Learn to sing opera or dance Flamenco.
Go to a Temple, church or astrologist.
Do Yoga or Pilates. Get a foot message.
Keep fucking,
make art and think about things
you’ve been meaning to think about.
Remember to breathe.
Prearrange your funeral. Forgive old enemies.
Meditate and meditate some more.