Cold-blooded as an anaconda,
devilish horns protrude from her head.
All she ever wanted, was everything.
He works 24/7 to supply her
with everything she asks for.

A full time Mom, too tired for sex,
she cleans out his bank account,
and takes off with their boys
convincing them the divorce
was all the fault of their Father.

Father, like a little lost sheep
dragging his tail behind him
ends up in jail for failing to pay
child support for sons who
refuse to see him.

After tormenting himself
with homicidal fantasies,
Yoga volunteers in prison
teach him how to meditate.

His rage subsides—
he follows his breath.
Released from prison
he marries a woman
who encourages him
to forgive his x-wife
for her ignorance.
Father and sons
becomes possible.