I’m sitting on my workbench with a noose around my neck.
I finished my routine walk on a treadmill in the cellar
when the lights went out. I struggled to find my way
to the locked cellar door.
How could my wife be so inconsiderate to me?
Maybe she doesn’t love me anymore?
I rescued her from a previously failed marriage
to a Pasha wannabe who dumped her for another
candidate for his harem.
I’m agitated and depressed like the possum running
back and forth in my Have-a- Heart Trap.
My shrink once told me love requires reciprocity,
but it’s never exactly 50-50.
The one who loves more must tolerate being loved less.
Once, when I suggested we could retire to the country,
she replied: What would I do in the middle of nowhere
stuck there with just you?
My TM meditation teacher also reminded me
that if someone is mean, I must forgive them for their ignorance.
I throw the noose away.