The noise of the world is deafening.
I listen to stillness despite the toxic roar.
I like the whirligig of merriment—
singing and dancing, and joy of sex.
But I return to the coming and going
of my breath as the unending drama
of good and evil unfolds before me.
I quickly delete all messages from
those human beings full of piss and
vinegar determined to crash every
uninvited party they hear about.
Noise of the world is deafening.
I breathe slowly even when there
is nothing but blood on the streets.
I let go of the rudder of my boat
and ride the tide back home to shore.
I find peace down to the marrow of
my bones as all thoughts pass and, I
focus on inhaling and exhaling each breath.
I’m pleasantly surprised when a songbird
perches on my shoulder, singing: Whip-Poor-Will-
Whip- Poor-Will, and a butterfly flies out of my mouth.