Since your grandfather was a Jew

I say shame on you

Tomas de Torqemada

for the monster you became

In the name of religious purity.

You tore bodies limb from limb,

brainwashed by barbaric orders

from the top dog at the Vatican.

You were only following orders

like Eichmann who once confessed,

he was only following orders..

Fiendishly inventive,

you devised unique methods

of torture to garner confessions

from those accused of apostasy,

sorcercy, sodomy, polagamy,

blasphemy and usury.

You persecuted Jews, Muslems

and Menonites, screwing a mother’s tongue

into her palate so she couldn’t continue

her prayers while being burned at the stake.

Toequemada was a sadistic role model

for Hitler, who never learned,

you can crush the body,

but the soul lives on.