Bruschetta or a shrimp cocktail,
more delicious than the meal.

My own two hands,
a knife, bowl and tablespoon.

Kneading dough to the sound
of a Bach Toccata, I watch it astound.

A bikini, thong or g-string,
more tantalizing than a waltz
with a naked gal in a leopard sarong.

A mother’s hand on a fevered brow,
all that’s needed to comfort a child.

Simplify, simplify all day long,
cross out every dead word
that’s not smoking or on fire.

It just doesn’t belong.

Small is beautiful.
Avoid humongous words like humongous.

Less, an emetic that cleanses
the labyrinth of words.

Sometimes all that needs to be said:
Shalom, Namaste or Salaam Aleikum.