A returning veteran from Gallipoli,

overflowing with love, declares

to the woman he left behind:

“Dip your toe in my soup of love

to see if it’s warm enough for you.

It’s a hearty mix of urgent carrots

and peas that will warm your innards

on the bleakest cold days of winter.

If I see a green light,

I will hop, skip and jump

like a runaway kangaroo

with a Captain’s hat,

a gold ring in my ear

and flashing red lights.

I will cover you in mohair,

slip you into my pouch

and after we dine on

Sydney Rock Oysters

and Piper-Heidsieck,

canter you back to my ranch

through the Golden Outback

where the Pilbara leads

to wildflower trails.

We’ll never stop being merry,

entwined together in a hot tub,

blissful to be in touch with heaven,

in full view of the Great Barrier Reef.”