Fall in love with someone who can love you back.
Find work that makes full use of your potential.
Live in the present and make every moment count.
Be kind to everyone all the time and remember to breathe.
Never sleep alone and decipher all dreams.
Please your mate before pleasing yourself.
Eat an apple every day and take good care of yourself.
Health is wealth—money is important, but not that important.
Eat slowly and give up wanting things.
Keep a dog and relax with a cat on your lap.
Carry the heaviest stone with a smile.
Practice seeing In the dark, and pay attention
to everything you see, hear, smell or touch.
Surround your home with wafting hyacinths.
Walk a lot and take time to be as silly as a child.
Make your one and only life a work of art.
Never forget the absurdity of it all.
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.