Sunday at Overpeck Park


Black and white kites

streaming high

in the blue and white sky,

droning bumble bees in flight

swirl against the wind

men as boys, playing with

dive bombing toys.

the silent music of

a circus ballet waltzes

the Sunday parade

around the round promenade.


Tiny tots in motion

whiz past shuffling old couples

clinging to each other

hoping to face another day.


Swarthy.bouncing Latinos

battle red faced sons of Dublin,

soccer balls spin and weave

in pin ball gyrations.

picture still fisherman sit

silently on a riverbank

scanning glistening ripples

in early morning sun,

quivering poles extended

waiting for a strike.


Solitary walkers drown

their tearless tears,

closing the cold dead eye

to not see what is missed.


Milt Ehrlich