Winter of 1935


Looking through a lilliputian lens

opalescent glimmerings of sunlight

filter through frozen window panes.

Icicles slowly drip drops of dew,

a rainbowed prism hovers over

the linoleum kitchen floor

as mom swings and sways to Sammy Kaye.


Memorable mornings at play,

driving cars to secret places,

cupboards,closets and under the sink,

through tunnels and bridges,scaling

cliffs,crashing on pots below,

parking the fleet while the driver naps.


The door bell rings.

Mitzi, the butcher's daughter

dressed in bridal finery

singing "here comes the bride"

marries me over and over again,

a Charlotte Ruse is our wedding cake.


While mom listens to Stella Dallas

we honeymoon in the darkened attic

where she shows me hers

and I show her mine.

How do you pee with that girly thing?


As husband and wife we go on a trip

driving the round piano stool,

smoking our chocolate cigarettes

as Mitzi takes in the view

describing the passing scene

from behind the driver's seat.


As twilight descends we sit by the radio

lost in the world of scary adventures.

Dinner is ready when dad gets home,

after marbles and piggybacks

comes story time and bed

as the winter day ends.


Milton P Ehrlich