Love and Beyond


Two sleepy amorists embraced on a flying carpet

high above an aurora of sentinel blue stars

ignited by phosphorescent splendor,

enraptured by a plexus of skin and bone,

an hermetic envelope serenely sealed.


They climb up Jacob's ladder one step at a time

bedazzled by the wraith of mother,

who used to dance on Drury Lane

and father, skipper of the Bluenose Ferry,

his barnacled hands kept the bow in the wind.


Peering out at the abyss hanging on tightly

they let go lightly witnessing the changes.

Cataclysmic flames rattle the eye,

cyclones blur dissolving images of the past,

stunning bluish glacial ice of a frozen tundra

washes into tidal waves sweeping herds of striped zebras

across the land as turtles burrow into blackened furrows,

elephants thunder along a petrified landscape,

the luminous bardos of life: doorway to awakening.


Milt Ehrlich