I slice an orange in quarters
that came from California.
Each section greets me
with a sunny West Coast smile

While I savor the orange,
the pectin, dietary fiber,
lumonoids and flavanoids
assure me that I will be well.

On the underside of each peel
I see textured dioramas.
A flock of pigeons hovers over
the Golden Gate Bridge.

All eyes are on a jumper
who sails down into the Bay.
A Zim line ship exits the harbor
without unloading its cargo.

Celebratory whoops and guffaws
emanate from the Port of Oakland
where Berkeley students maintain
a picket line the ILWU will not cross.

Church ladies and student activists
champion divestment from Israel.
Burnt flesh and bones from Auschwitz
and Treblinka shudder in the ground.