“Be fascinating!”
Oscar Wilde

Bubbles in a glass of Dom,
the passersby on Noe Street
pirouette their way
from party to party,
under the smile of a crescent moon.

Did you hear the Apollo astronaut
said one of the most beautiful sights
is a urine dump at sunset?

Boisterous laughter sound
like the drumming of Olatunji.

On concupiscent Castro bi-ways,
echoes of steps sound too lonely
walking through the streets.

Longing to bottle the aphrodisiac
of falling in love over and over again,
they hunger for a carnival of erotic life.

Maya Angelou said
people will never forget
how you made them feel.

In the Market Street morning sun,
an ebullient gent with a top hat
strolls around in the nude,
his day-glow orange member
proudly exposed.