Like Cellini’s Perseus

holding the head of Medusa,

Trump will brand his sword

and bring magnificent light

to America.

He’s sure the ghost

who lives inside of him

is an Olympian God,

who protects the ruling class.

With Plump at his side,

he proclaims America First.

He will rid the world

of Lindbergh’s pressing sea

of Yellow, Black and Brown.

The Dark Ages will be here again.

Trumpf will use a better method

of torture than waterboarding:

The Little Ease,

which hasn’t been used since

the sixteenth century

in the Tower Of London.

The prisoner placed

in a tiny torture cell, —

cannot sit, stand or lie down,

and suffers in agony until

he confesses to whatever

they want him to say.

Although he wears a mask of sanity,

he can’t hide his con-man shadow.

Any silent stone has more veracity

than the distant ring of Hitler-like lies

spewed forth in his rabble-rousing tirades.

Sooner or later, he will walk the plank.