As a kid he knew about scumbags

in the schoolyard limerick “In days

of old when knights were bold and

scumbags weren’t invented, they’d

take a sock and …

until a cousin showed him how to toss

water balloons off their tenement roof

and later turned him on to Trojans,

and French Ticklers with reservoir tips,

supplying him with one for his wallet

to “be prepared,” their boy scout motto.

He thought he was dreaming on a rainy afternoon

when the super’s daughter, a coquettish classmate

invited him down to an empty coal bin.

Unrolling a Persian rug, a floating bed of brocaded

threads of silver and gold flowers and Arabesques,

their bodies moved in radiant slow motion fitting

together like rocks on an old stone wall.

After fumbling with the sheath his lust erupted

interrupting their amorous adventure with a plaintive

animal yelp.

He swore he saw falling stars amidst flashing Northern

Lights swirling between asbestos laden crusty pipes.