For six millennia before the current era

Roman soldiers were paid in salt,

even Jesus counseled followers to keep the salt within.

Salt was finger-lickin’ good until the Salt Police arrived,

now skull and crossbones are on food with residues of salt.

No more eating food that tastes good.

Without a pinch of salt a hard boiled egg,

a wishy-washy piece of blubber,

same for sauted calamari or al dente linguini marinara.

Gherkins, pickles, sour or new, make a day old meatloaf

shimmy-shake; don’t waste your time

munching on unsalted popcorn or pretzels

when you settle down for a double feature

at the picture show.

Salt enhances flavor, makes everything

piquant, especially peanuts, pistachios,

bouillabaisse and ratatouille.

A Black Velvet brunch must have a runny brie,

French feta and fontana.

No epicurean buffet complete without throwing

salt worries in the sea, so dine on bacon-laden oysters,

Nova Scotia salmon, pickled herring, smoked sable,

hot pastrami and Genoa salami.

Relax in hedonistic ecstasy!

Salt is good for every living creature in

the waters of the briny deep.

Farmers set salt licks for soft-eyed cows

grazing in bucolic pastures.

We all began as swimmers in mother’s saline belly.

Loving salt, I welcome weeping so I can lick my salty tears.

Some say salt is poison, shunning salt,

a longer life, too much or too little makes you sick.

I’d rather smack my lips with relish, zing my palate with delight

before my marinated bones are lowered down,

growing flowers with petals of purple pepperoni.

Please pass the salt.