Jean Jacque’s idea of how to live

in the future chaos of revolution:

Read Robinson Crusoe.

No one is here. I am alone

and survive with my eyes,

nose, ten fingers and toes,

air, water, earth and fire.

With flint and steel

I spark paper money

to start a fire.

There’s quiet music in the air

with no trace of violin strings

or thunder of kettle drums.

More famished than ever,

I follow strutting pigeons

to find out what flowers,

berries, roots and stamens

are good to eat.

A cluster of chanterelles,

worms under a rock, lizards,

frogs, and baby birds in a nest

all make my mouth water.

In God’s garden everything is holy.

Hunger leads the way for a safari of one.

There’s no room for words.

Three letters will do: S.O.S.

I must find a way to avoid the final dark.