Ever since I’ve grown old,
I spend most of my time
rocking back and forth
in my old rocking chair.
The Docs urge me to keep
moving as much as I can,
but my stiff old fingers
can barely cling to the
arms of my rocking chair.
My mind drifts back to my
childhood, watching Dr. Gillespie
(Lionel Barrymore) in a wheelchair
supervising Dr. Kildare (Lew Ayers ).
The last time I exercised must have
been when I was in the army:
I remember not being allowed
to enter the mess hall until
I completed 25 pushups, and
25 pullups and 25 jumping jacks.
If I tried that now, I’d have a stroke.
Where are those good old Docs
of yesteryear when I need them?