I will confront the last days
of my life head on with
effortless effort, exploring
the sensations of a brand
new adventure, paying
attention to how it makes
me feel to face the unknown
and unknowable that lie ahead,
like Huxley taking psychedelics
when lying on his death bed.
I was also inspired by a friend
who volunteered to massage
the feet of hospice residents
to help him get the feel of
what its like when you are
doing nothing else except
waiting to die, and waiting
to die some more, discovering
what it feels like to not be here
anymore and facing the challenge
of saying goodbye to loved ones.
Dying is the most important event
in our lives except for the day we
are born. I ’m in awe of how many
folks transcend their fear and leave
the world with a smile on their face,
finding it no big deal to accept the
reality of not being here anymore.