While the world is burning

I get drunk on holy water

and swim with orphans

on the bottom of the sea.

As I listen to low-pitched drones

and resonant harmonics

of a clique of didgeridoos,

eternity doesn’t seem so far away.

I search for those scorned by love

in a quest for the key to naked souls,

hungry for caresses and kisses,

yearning to be embraced.

Spelunking in a mangrove

washed by tidal currents,

nobody knows my name,

or what I can do for you.

With permission for this mission

I will persist until the end of time,

flying higher with senses on fire

as I move to the nearest galaxies.

Intoxicated by the curve of your hip,

my pleasure is polished to a glaze.

Bats circle under hot winds of Paradise

under stars I’ve never seen before.

Creating elation is my ambition,

building a sculpture of concentric rings

around the epicenter of a soul.

No one dies in this phosphorescent light.