He lives on a busy boulevard in the middle of town
and finds himself spending lots of time looking out the window
at the frequent parade of passersby on this cold November day.
Bundled up, they often seem to be having such a good time
speaking to each other with animation and lots of laughs.
What could be so funny, he wonders?
Maybe they’re telling jokes they recently heard
or are just naturally being witty as only good friends can be.
Perhaps these folks are on their way to a play or movie
they heard is something they absolutely must see.
They may be laughing at the political shenanigans of the day,
or reporting about a current book they just finished reading.
He imagines some of their guffaws may be due to ridiculing
relatives they are obligated to endure at upcoming holiday events.
Do some of these jolly folks ever discuss the fact
that one day their life will be coming to an end?