Can get worn to a frazzle
marching off to war
or can be decorated
unpatriotically like Hippies
in the sixties wearing
the red white and blue.
Liberace’s lovers were in awe
of his star-spangled drawers.
Ancients wore loincloths
to be ready for action ASAP.
When I sleep in my underwear
It opens a door to remembered joy,
flying like a drunk pterodactyl.
Victorians padded themselves
to squeeze the life out of sex.
Long-johns keep Mohawk
construction workers warm
on steel girders high in the sky
as icy winds blow through their legs.
Fruit-Of-The Loom panties,
so light you won’t even notice.
Victoria’s Secret sells veiled
lingerie—since mystery always
more exciting than reality.
Poet’s threads sing like an Aeolian harp
awakening the dead to dance with us.