A penny for your thoughts—
Are you thinking about your thoughts?
What did you just think? What feelings did it carry?
What is your next thought?
What are you talking to yourself about now?
All day, all night, what does it feel like to be thinking, thinking, thinking—
about what did, will, or might happen?
Are you ever alive to what is happening now?
Close your eyes and be prepared for the now of sounds,
smell of your hands, and be open to the surprise
at what goes on in your mouth when you feel your tongue.
Did your thinking go on or did it pause?
Can you hear the silence of dust, sense the tang of steel waiting to rust,
smell the difference between water that’s running or stagnant?
Can you be with the moment of knowing the taste, scent, and texture of skin?
Can you live even one moment? Just ONE, beautiful moment
of the love of being alive.
Bro, can you spare the time?