Return my foreskin coat of armor.

It keeps the barbarians at bay

like the boy in “Europa, Europa,”

who tried to make his Jewish penis

look like a goy to fake being a Nazi.

I can’t get the stench of black smoke

of crematoriums out of my nostrils.

An uncircumcized penis, my best defense,

the next time the mortal enemies of Jews

come looking for me.

Never again, will I hear echoes

of Kike, Christ-killing, dirty Jew.

Ever since Jews were driven out

out of Judea six thousand years ago,

they’ve been nothing but trouble

in a world that loves to hate Jews.

If we’re so smart, with so few of us

(.02% of the population) earning 129

Nobels, compared to Muslims (20%

of the populations) earning 2 Nobels,

how come we can’t figure out a way

to stop being persecuted by everyone?

When Jews returned to their homeland

in ’48, they found their troubles were not over.

Now we’re overcome by the stink of gunpowder

blowing towards us by Islamic fundamentalists

who never learned what it is to be human.

Jews continue to hunger for the light of sanity.