Feel the heft of a rock, push a kid on a swing,
sleep in the nude, walk barefoot, clip your nails,
trim your hair, brush and floss your teeth,
practice a Kegel squeeze, don’t pick your nose,
be still, sleep tight, hold the door open,
keep the light in your eyes lit, embrace now-ness,
don’t work your fingers to the bone, pace yourself,
listen to the singing wind, study passing clouds,
don’t let the bastards grind you down, always be kind,
check your tires, read directions, do a belly whopper,
learn sign language, be a friend, use your imagination,
blow bubbles, be persistent, dream while awake,
you don’t always have to be first in line, volunteer,
forget trivia, be silly, tickle a child, pay attention,
fall in love, forgive your enemy, find rapture, be lucky,
watch your weight, swim like a fish, stay away from Casinos,
keep a low profile, be mindful, read great books, be patient,
write with invisible ink, tell the truth—most of the time,
eat slowly, hum a favorite tune, don’t take any wooden nickels,
capture the stillness of the turning point, avoid poison ivy,
listen to the mocking bird, sky dive once, do Yoga, forget gold,
don’t beat around the bush, learn the Heimlich maneuver,
skip rope, fly a kite, step over quicksand, breathe deeply,
undivided tenderness always matters, walk with no destination,
be courageous when confronted with danger, learn jiu-jitsu,
give to charity anonymously and have no fear of death—
Socrates claimed it may be the greatest of all blessings.