You’re a doctor, lawyer, debt collector,

shoemaker, Good Samaritan,

pimp in the ghetto, Roto-rooter plumber,

computer geek or Indian fakir.

By-pass surgeons give patients back their oomph,

and periodontists take care of bloody gums.

Masturbators and fornicators enjoy themselves.

Prostitutes give pleasure to others.

Booze-laden air-controllers, Pakastani cabbies,

bored pilots and bus drivers get you home.

Suicidal terrorists plot to blow you up,

but Drones and navy Seals keep enemies at bay.

Acrobats on trapezes, clowns, jugglers,

mimes, David Letterman, Woody Allen,

and the Chris Rock keep you sane.

Hedge fund swindlers, gangsters, kidnappers,

and murderers get their comeuppance,

reincarnating as lepers, lice and cockroaches.

In the leveling playing field of the firmament,

you shed your occupational identity,

reveal your naked soul

and find out who you really are.