“What have I done or not done?
I need to speak to my lawyer.”

You forgot the day you were born
was a gift of a lifetime.

You run out of your house
in a cold sweat and race off
in high gear.

You never learned how to shift into neutral.

How many days do you piss away
watching athletes having all the fun?

Did you bet your wad
on the wrong number
like an addicted gambler
who forgets to breathe?

Did you not wear brass knuckles
or learn Tae Kwon Do
to protect yourself from bullies?

How many perfect moments
have you missed?

Have you lived a life without regrets?

“I plead ignorance.”

Ignorance of the Tao is no excuse!
Tell it to the judge.

If you’re lucky, as a first time offender,
he may order you to go back to GO
and start over.